About Our Candles


Simply Fragrant Candles

LONG-BURNING 100% SOY WAX- Our hand-poured scented candles contains 100% soy wax, making it bio-degradable and eco-friendly. Free of all toxins, The 8 oz tin candle burns slowly & cleanly up to 40 hours, while the 9 oz  soy Glass candle burns up to 60 hours; both leaving the air you breathe much healthier for you and your family.

NO MESS TO CLEAN- Natural Soy Candles burn cleaner and are virtually soot free with no build up. This makes it easy to clean up after – Use soap & warm water to easily wipe away traces of spilled wax – After your candle has been completely used, the glass jar can be cleaned for storage or other household uses. Do away with paraffin toxic candles that pollute your home & embrace the clean & eco-friendly ways of Simply Fragrant Candles!