Simply Fresh Sprays give you long-lasting scents that make any space feel more inviting. Our 8 ounce room and auto air fresheners are highly scented to deliver fresh, uplifting aromas throughout any space. Whether you use it as a car freshener, a gym locker odor eliminator or an aromatic pick-me-up in stuffy spots like closets and mud rooms, you’ll love the authentic fragrances these air fresheners produce. We design each fragrance ourselves to ensure that you get a scent that’s pure, authentic and powerful enough to provide the ideal level of fragrance.

We make all of our products in the U.S. using only trusted, safe ingredients. When you use our air fresheners, you can rest assured that you’re breathing in a clean, pure scent. Browse our complete collection of room and auto sprays to find your favorite aromas.

To Use: Shake well and use 2 - 4 sprays